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The Weed Abatement program runs each year in Spring and Summer, to ensure that excess weeds and brush don't become a hazard to the properties around them. In the first stage of the program, owners of all vacant lots in our District are contacted about the need to mow down/abate the weeds and overgrowth on their lots before the summertime fire season begins. Any violations or exceptionally hazardous conditions that exist can be reported to the main Administration Office at 831-685-6690.  Residents names will be kept confidential at all times, but must be given when making a complaint, as no “anonymous tips” are given further follow-up.

For properties in the intermix areas (meaning those properties that are in rural settings with a large amount of undeveloped growth surrounding the property) with existing structures are given our self-check hazard notice, titled “Homeowners Watch-Outs!”, and asked to check each year for a number of hazards on or around their property.  Some of these hazards include:

- Dead or drying tree limbs near the ground
- Weeds growing up next to the house or other structures
- Branches hanging over a chimney or stovepipe
- Firewood stacked against side of house
- House number not posted
- Poor access to property & buildings

For further information on intermix hazards, contact the office to have our “Homeowners Watch-Outs“ brochure mailed to your home, or check out the links listed on this page (see below).

Weed/Fire Hazard Complaints

All complaints to the Fire Prevention Bureau must be completed on our Complaint Investigation form (see link for a printable form). An on-site inspection shall be conducted to determine if the parcel(s) require weed abatement in order to protect nearby structures or wooden fences from fire. Due to laws prohibiting illegal searches, the Fire Prevention Bureau will not look over fences, climb fences, enter a back yard or enter a residence to confirm weed complaints. All weed violations must be visible from the street. If the site is determined to be a fire hazard, the owner/tenant is to abate the hazard by mowing, providing defensible space, or cleanup of brush or trimmings.

All information on complaint investigation forms is kept strictly confidential (no names are released), but your name and phone number must be given before inspection can begin. For more information, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 831-685-6690.


Fire Safe Council of California - gather info on defensible space, weed abatement options, and more.

Goats for Weed Abatement - group gives information on using grazing goats for weed abatement, as well as other environmentally friendly landscaping options.

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Weed Abatement Forms/Contact Lists Minimize
For complaints about weeds, overgrown brush or other fire hazards, please complete the fillable complaint form and mail (or email to sarahm@aptosfire.com) to our admin office. We keep all complaintant names confidential, but do require that the name and contact info be included in the form.

Alternative Methods Minimize

Alternative methods to clearing weeds, such as renting goats like the one below to abate the weeds, or making use of a chipper to mulch overgrown shrubs & branches can give environmentally-friendly options to make your property safer.

Goat Rental Providers:

Living Systems Land Management/Rent-A-Goat
PH# 408-507-5700
Web: www.livingsystemslandmanagement.com
(for properties of 5 acres or higher)

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