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Aptos/La Selva Fire District Standards of Response Coverage Program

The Aptos/La Selva Fire District adopted self-imposed response standards in February 2005. This approach, referred to as Standards of Response Coverage (SORC), is a systems approach that uses risk assessment and community expectations to help local officials make decisions about appropriate deployment of fire and emergency medical services.
The District SORC program utilizes two policies to measure the effectiveness of its emergency response performance. The distribution policy identifies response time standards for the first due units responding to all incident types. The concentration policy defines the response time goal for an initial effective response force to arrive on the scene of large or complex emergency incidents such as structure fires, wildland fires and vehicle accidents.
Planning (Demand) Zones
Demand zones for our community are defined by a fire station’s first-due area and further defined by property use. Demand zones are used to analyze actual responses.
Emergency planning for the district is centered on two specific and mapped “demand zones” (DZ) identified as follows:

1)   Suburban DZ: Characterized by relatively high density residential and commercial development. 

2) Rural/Interface DZ: Areas more distant from fire stations and characterized by scattered residential properties surrounded by or adjacent to wildland.

Distribution Policy Statement

 “For 90 percent of all incidents, the first-due unit shall arrive within six minutes in the suburban demand zone or eight minutes in the rural demand zone. The first-due unit shall be capable of advancing the first line for fire control or starting rescue when a life hazard is present, or providing Advanced Life Support with defibrillation for medical incidents.”

Concentration Policy Statement

“For 90 percent of all risk areas and for all risk types, an effective response force shall arrive within twelve minutes total response time, provide 1,500 gallons per minute for firefighting and maintain compliance with all applicable safety mandates. An effective response force for “confirmed structure fires will be 13 personnel (4 - 3 person engines or trucks and 1 Division Chief).”
It is the goal of the Aptos/La Selva Fire District to limit the number of fires that spread beyond the room of origin.

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